New Photos 2009 - 2011

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Zinc with experimental Patina - added layer of "stars". Desk with Cherry Top and 2 drawers. Dimensions: 60" wide / 28" deep / 30" tall.  Natural Cherry top with oil finish.  Tapered legs - olive over natural distressed paint finish.
Bookcase Cabinet with four doors all painted.  Dimensions: 72" x 16" @ body / 80" tall.  Paint color: light gray over natural. Fixed shelving.  Retail cost: $3,000. Copper Top Console Table with two shelves and tapered legs.  Paint color: black over natural.  Dimensions: 60" long x 12" deep x 40" tall.  Retal cost: $1,400.
Copper Top - raw copper on old table base.  Dimensions: 34" wide x 96" long Console Table with Zinc top.  Dimensions: 12" x 80" long x 32" tall.  Paint Color: BM - Wenge.  Zinc counter with oil wax finish and standard patina.
Side Table with 2 Drawers and Zinc top.  White over natural distressed paint finsh.  Dimensions: 17" x 48" x 36" tall. Copper top 42" diameter.
Desk Hutch with Copper Top. End Tables with Copper Patches.  20" x 20" x 22" tall.  Color: BM egyptian sands
Small Dining Table 24" x 24" x 30" tall.  Color: slate over natural. Hall Table with Zinc top.  Olive over natural.
Red Barn Board Cabinet.  21" x 15" x 36" tall.  Reclaimed Barn Siding with original color.  Iron hardware. Dining Table 48" diameter antique wood top.  Reclaimed Hemlock with copper patches.   Black over natural.
Sideboard with Zinc top.  18" x 66" x 34" tall.  Black over Natural distressed paint finish. Custom Sideboard with Copper Top. 20" x 64" x 34" tall.  Frame and Panel door.  Bronze hardware.
Storage chest all painted.  Light gray over natural distressed finish.  Custom built for three baskets to fit inside.  60" x 20" x 20" tall. Table with square pedestal base.  Black over natural.  24" x 24" x 30" tall.
Khaki over Natural Dining Table.  all painted. Zinc top pedestal base table.  30" diameter.  Black over natural.
Large Armoire custom built in two pieces to fit into house.  60" wide x 26" deep x 90" tall.  Black over natural. Copper top coffee table 48" diameter.
Copper Coffee Table with Shelf.  24" x 48" x 19" tall.  Black over natural. Coffee table all painted.  54" x 54" x 19" tall.  Red over natural top with Khaki over natural base.
4 door Sideboard reclaimed pine top. Black over natural. Custom Desk with Zinc top.  26" wide x 84" long x 30" tall.  Black over natural.
Custom Copper Wrapped Vessel Sink   standard 4 Door Sideboard with Copper top.  Red over natural with distressed paint finish.
Reclaimed barn wood mirrors. Lots of Zinc Tops
Sage over natural Armoire with 2 Doors.  22" x 48" x 72" tall. Side Chairs.  White / Mustard / Red over natural.
Sage Chimney Cabinet. Custom Coffee Table with copper top.
Small painted coffee table with copper patches.  Sage over natural distressed finish. Reclaimed Pine Desk with 2 Drawers. 19" x 42" x 31" tall.  Oil finish with dark stain.
Zinc Dining Table.  42" wide x 78" long x 30" tall.  1.25" thick zinc top.  Khaki over natural painted base. Khaki over natural Dining Table with copper patches.  40" wide x 84" long x 30" tall.
Dresser with 6 drawers.  Reclaimed Pine with natural color and oil finish. End Tables all painted 18" diameter x 22" tall. Cream over natural and Red over natural with 1 copper patch.
End table 24" x 24" x 22" tall.  Copper top with heavy green patina.  Color: white over green distressed paint finish. End Table with antique wood top.  18" diamter x 22" tall.  Reclaimed douglas fir top with wax finish.
Hinges with 3 different patinas that I can make. Olive over natural small Hutch.
Large Hutch with Zinc top.  Black over Olive distressed paint finish with Olive over natural interior. Dark Olive over natural Hutch.
Large Zinc Counter 48" x 96" x 2.5" thick Copper Mirror 66" long x 36" wide

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