The main product at High Falls Furniture Co. is custom furniture that reflects the aged character of classic 1900's American farmhouse style antiques.  Distressed paint finishes, reclaimed wood, and metal patinas provide unique design accents to virtually any form or function.  Every piece is manufactured properly with technical skill and experience so that it may last for generations.  Design customization along with a wide variety of artistically derived finishes are key factors that defines the High Falls Furniture brand, setting it apart from the products and capabilities of larger furniture factories.  Furniture, built-in cabinetry, and home accessories can be tailored to any interior space or functional requirement.  In addition, if you don't see exactly what you  are looking for on this site, our design work is often inspired by concept photographs of authentic antiques, providing unlimited possibilities for one-of-a-kind creations.

    High Falls Furniture Co. is the name of a small custom furniture and design workshop that originated in High Falls, NY, and then relocated to Chester, Vermont in June, 2005.  The proprietor of the business, Mitchell J. Rudman, has been designing, building, and finishing custom furniture and cabinetry professionally since 2000.  Prior to starting a business, Mitchell was a self-taught woodworker beginning at an early age, and with a passion to pursue a career making furniture.  A brief side track occurred while obtaining a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State University.  This education experience provided a deeper technical understanding of woodworking and finishing applications.  The process to develop patinas on zinc and copper counter tops is unique to the High falls Furntire product line, taking years to perfect.  Mitchell also worked in a small high-end cabinetry shop for two years after graduating and is familiar with modern cabinetry materials and construction as well as traditional woodworking methods.

    The customer base that buys High Falls Furniture Co. products typically goes through interior designers.  Although this is not "set in stone", consulting with a professional interior designer or home decorator is highly recommended to ensure the proper size and color selection to best suit the home environment.  There are many factors to consider when ordering custom designed furniture, including interior storage needs, travel space requirements, and color compliments to name a few.  This process can be a lot less overwhelming with the right interior designer - see this list for recommendations.             

    Other products manufactured on a smaller scale include cutting boards, gift boxes, custom frames for artists, and store fixtures for the Deep River Snack Co.

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